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Teknia Technologies is a newly created Business Unit concentrating Teknia Group’s know-how to lead, organize and execute internal and external projects. It is an outcome of a new vision and global strategy of engineering, taking advantage of our know-how and combining R&D with Engineering under the same roof. 


Vision, Mission, Target

The vision of this business unit is to lead Teknia Group towards its technological excellence with the mission of collecting, developing and sharing Teknia know-how and expertise within the Group and its customers. Its main target is to support the success of our customers in the long run through Teknia successful growth.



Teknia Technologies comprises D&D Centers and R&D, which work together on the same projects being coordinated and supervised through the Teknia Technologies offices.

Our D&D Centers concentrate Teknia Group’s know-how and expertise on several products and technologies. The D&D Center will focus on its products following the market regardless of its manufacturing technology and enduring Teknia Group position as a leader in these strategic products. 

R&D is our internal engineering team in charge of innovating, developing and launching great innovations. 

The Offices are built to connect closely with our customers, becoming the main point of contact to access the Group’s capabilities and expertise


Thanks to the creation of D&D Centers, the plants where the requested products for our clients will be eventually industrialized will rely on the specific support by D&D Centers throughout the whole process providing the necessary resources and support at site. In this way Teknia will ensure the best service for the successful execution of the projects in order to fully satisfy our clients.


· Your main point of contact for Teknia Technologies.

· Built to support and care for your success.

· Commitment and Reactivity.



· Teknia expertise and know-how hub.

· Built to deliver technological excellence.

· Effectivity and Reliability.


· Teknia pool of innovation.

· Built to imagine and create future.

· Creativity and Proactivity.


Advantages for the clients

In conclusion, Teknia Technologies provides the following benefits for its customers and plants:

  • Gives access to Teknia Group technologies, expertise and know-how from a single main point of contact.
  • Gives possibility to outsource technical projects to Teknia engineers (from expertise consulting to turnkey projects).
  • Gives access to the innovative products and processes of our R&D Units, as well as specific and overall support in the project development worldwide.
  • Gives access to the D&D Centers that are specialized in specific products.
  • Gives support to Teknia Plants through its D&D Centers and is continuously introducing several improvements and optimizations.
  • Has the structure and resources to develop customers engineering projects and support Teknia plants worldwide.


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