• Awards

The recognition is part of the 4th edition of the "Impulse to Internationalization" Awards that COFIDES (state- and private-owned company providing medium and long term financial support for viable private investment projects in foreign countries) annually awards honouring the companies and institutions that have stood out for their contribution to internationalization.

The award recognizes companies and insitutions’ optimum level of activity and diversification, their extensive international development and commitment to business excellence supported by the entity.

According to COFIDES Teknia Group is today one of the leading multinational companies of the Spanish automotive industry, with presence in four continents and a marked international footprint.

With these awards, the entity honours annually Spanish institutions and companies that have excelled in the field of international economic activity. The ceremony was held on 1 March at the headquarters of COFIDES in Madrid. The prize was handed over to Mr. Javier Quesada Suescun, President of the Company, from the hands of the Secretary of State, Ms. Marisa Poncela and the President of COFIDES, Mr. Salvador Marín.