• Quality

Commitment to Quality


National and international expansion made Teknia clearly aware of the importance of quality applied to our production. At Teknia Group, we cannot conceive another way of serving our customers than fulfilling their quality expectations. We are committed to a "Zero Defects" policy, supported by several key tools, such as the PDCA method, quick response monitoring systems, "Lessons Learned" and continuous improvement.

The growth of the Group is backed up by the standardization of all processes, product quality and excellent internal and external communication. The constant expansion of Teknia Group entails an increasing need for implementing standardized Quality Management procedures to meet its commitments. For this purpose, Teknia has created a Global Quality Team. The aim is to reach the highest level of quality at all plants. For us, Quality, with a capital Q, is not an action, but a routine, and we apply this principle and attitude to all areas within the company and to our products and services.


Quality and Environmental Policy


At Teknia Group, we understand Quality Management to be satisfying market needs and expectations, and a process involving Customers, Staff, Providers, Collaborators, Competitors, Shareholders, Official Bodies and other Interested Parties. We also understand Quality Management in relation to the commitment to sustainable development, Environmental Management as elimination or minimization of the environmental impact arising from our activities and processes, to protect the environment. 


All of us who are members of Teknia Group understand Quality Management, Environmental Management and Safety in the Workplace as key elements to achieve business efficiency and for success of our company in the Market. As such, Teknia Group considers that the correct functioning of the Integrated Management System (IMS) is:

  • The responsibility of all the areas and people forming our Organization. 
  • The basis of our success in the future.


The commitment of our existence and activity is linked to supplying products and services that: 

  • Correspond to all defined needs for use or application. 
  • Comply with the rules and/or specifications agreed, legal requirements and regulations with the commitment of zero defects and zero delays. 
  • Are available at competitive, profitable prices.
  • Are safe and respectful to the environment. 


We especially and fundamentally consider:

  • Guaranteeing continual growth of corporate profit and return on capital.
  • Binding compliance with the current legislation, as well as other requirements signed by the Organisation.
  • Progressively eliminating or minimising the environmental impact of our activities, applying the basic principle of Pollution Prevention. 
  • Establishing quantifiable objectives that allow us to work on prevention through systematic reviews (PDCA), Lessons Learned and running a continuous improvement program in keeping with our commitment of zero defects. 
  • Involving both IMS for our Providers and Collaborators as well as our Customers, as a key part of the established chain of value. 
  • Involving all our Staff through Training and Information, promoting their active participation in improving our Environmental Behaviour, Safety in the Workplace and Product Quality.


On the basis of the terms established, Teknia Group commits to:

  • Hold certification at all plants in the new IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.
  • Provide adequate means and resources for proper operation and sustainable development of the IMS.
  • Perform periodically and punctually Audits to check correct adaptation of the implemented Management System. 
  • Diffusion of this General Policy among the Staff, Customers, Providers and Collaborators, as well as other parties interested in knowing it.
  • Reviewing and amending that General Policy as long as necessary, and to adapt it to evolution of the Organisation and the Market, always working with the Commitment of Continuous Improvement. 


Everything stated is a joint task and teamwork by those of us who work at Teknia Group. We consider teamwork to be the basis to comply with the Quality and Environment Policy and Continuous Improvement of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System within our Organisation.  



IATF 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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