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Teknia has a strong financial profile with strict management of investment, debt and working capital to maintain its strong financial position and resilience. As a result, the Group has effective resource and asset management to support the Group’s growth in all countries and contribute to maintaining the profitability, operational efficiency, and financial strength of the business.

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Teknia has the capacity for growth and is currently in a good financial position despite the recent challenges the sector has faced in recent years. The company is driven by the successful development of new businesses and its prudent management in times of uncertainty. Teknia’s key pillars are its financial strength, with moderate leverage, and its commitment to long-term value creation.

Teknia has achieved sustained growth in its more than 30-year history. Growth has taken place mainly inorganically, through acquisitions. However, at the current stage, the company’s strategy is to continue growing by incorporating larger companies and groups, and larger corporate operations are not ruled out. Teknia has diversified sources of financing to support this strategy.

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Economic evolution

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