11 Jan 2023

More than half of the European vehicles have a Teknia brake piston

Teknia manufactures nothing less than 25 million brake pistons per year in our plant in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona, Spain). That means that 6 out of 10 vehicles in Europe have a Teknia brake piston. And this leads us to state that more than half of the cars manufactured in Europe have a Teknia brake piston.

Innovation is in Teknia’s DNA and the company is focused on offering innovative solutions to its customers around the world through its products and technologies, as it has always done. Thus, Teknia has a clear and decisive commitment to vehicle safety components, parts which, in turn, are critical in the vehicle as a whole and require the highest quality standards. This is the case of brake pistons, a key product for the Company.


Co-development on integrated power brake

The most complex product manufactured at Teknia is the integrated power brake. The company has collaborated together with some of its main customers and Tier-1 suppliers in the sector in the development of the products from the first prototypes to the final components that they will assembly in their own parts.

Moreover, hydraulic braking (which requires pistons) is common in both combustion and electric vehicles, so it is a key component now and in the coming years. Thus, there are three types of brake actuation: servo-assisted, electromechanical or electric, and components for all of them are also manufactured by Teknia.

Electric-type actuation allows the vehicle to perform “automatic” functions from emergency braking to autonomous driving. In these cases, the complexity of the piston increases as it performs additional functions to those of a traditional system.

The key competitive advantage of Teknia plants is being able to produce a safety product with very critical dimensional tolerances and surface finishes, in large volume. It is done with highly standardized processes and completely monitored by Captor, achieving great traceability of all the data.

Thus, Teknia has a vision focused on providing long-term value, both for its customers and for the sector as a whole. The Group is willing to continue to devote all its available resources to promote innovation and continuous improvement.

Interested in our Press Kit?

Interested in our Press Kit?