The safety category is represented in all the Group’s technologies: plastic injection, stamping, tube forming, machining and aluminium die casting (HPDC). The safety components category represents a strategic segment for Teknia in terms of sales and continued growth.


The Group has a long history of manufacturing components used in various vehicle safety applications.  This product category is represented in all of Teknia’s manufacturing technologies and includes components in the airbag and braking system area.

The safety product category encompasses numerous systems required to enable the vehicle to decelerate or stop quickly, making it possible to avoid a collision and protect the occupants in case of collision. Teknia will continue to manufacture solutions that enable the vehicles to have maximum safety.

The braking system is part of Active Safety and fundamental to the overall safety of a vehicle. Without it, the vehicle cannot slow down or stop. Airbag systems are part of Pasive Safety and critical in protecting the occupants of a vehicle during an accident.

The development of the airbag system has made motor vehicles much safer. Teknia specialises in the manufacture of multiple airbag components, such as the airbag covers and housings (both of which make up the box in which it is stored), and the horn plate, which is the mechanism that operates the vehicle’s horn and is integrated with the steering wheel airbag.

Teknia is also an expert in the manufacture of the brake fluid reservoir. These contain the hydraulic brake fluid used in the braking system. The Group also manufactures 25 million brake pistons a year, which means that 6 out of 10 vehicles manufactured in Europe have a Teknia brake piston.

Safety is important today and will continue to be important in the vehicles of the future.

Airbag Cover

Brake Fluid Reservoir

Brake Piston

Camshaft Endpiece


Reaction Plate

Push Rod

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