Tube Forming

The tube-forming process is used to bend and shape tubes. From a metal tube, Teknia manufactures different types of tubular assemblies for some of the main vehicle parts. These parts can be used for fluid conduction, going into engine cooling and lubrication. They can also have a structural function, in products such as seats. Part typology includes not only formed tubes but also the production of welded assemblies.


Teknia is an expert in tube-forming technology. The Group has the expertise to manufacture its own machines to achieve the right curve in tube-forming processes. This know-how offers a differential advantage that enables the Group to be a key partner for OEMs and Tier-1 companies in the market.

The Group also adds value to the products it manufactures by using its team’s expertise in the design and construction of fully automated lines to maintain the increasing level of competitiveness demanded by the market and excellence in quality. Teknia manufactures its own machines to obtain the right geometry, which means a differential service for its customers.

The Pretensioner: A Fundamental Component for Safety

One of the star products that Teknia manufactures with tube-forming technology is the pretensioner, a key component for the correct functioning of the seat belt. The purpose of the pretensioner is to increase the effectiveness of the seat belt. It keeps vehicle occupants in a more restrained position against the seat back in case of impact, while reducing potential injuries sustained in the collision.

The vehicle seatbelt has three anchorage points. One of these is where the pretensioner tube is located together with a small pyrotechnic charge. When a collision occurs, a crash sensor detects it, and the electrical unit detonates the pyrotechnic charge in a controlled manner and with maximum safety inside this tube. This causes the seatbelt to retract, holding the body snugly against the seat back. Once the impact has passed, the system releases the belt to prevent or minimise serious injury.

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