Our History

Our Background Makes Us Proud

In 1992, Javier Quesada Suescun wanted to fulfil his great ambition of being an entrepreneur and bought a small workshop manufacturing automotive tubes with 29 employees in Basque Country (Spain). This is where Teknia was born, a company marked from the outset by an international vision and which has grown thanks to its ability to adapt to customer needs and the excellence of its parts. Teknia has recorded sustained growth throughout its history and seeks to continue to do so with ambition, but always true to its origins.

Teknia's history is a story of effort, dedication and pride. We are manufacturers and we are proud to be so.

Teknia was founded in 1992 in a small family business in Zaldibar (Vizcaya), with only 29 people on a single floor. The languages spoken in that small workshop were Spanish and Basque, and fax was the most modern means of communication at the time.

Today the Group employs more than 3,000 people at 22 production sites, uses around 20 different languages and travels the world at the click of a button.

The Internet has entered our offices in such a way that we consider immediacy and accessibility as essential. We have changed our means of communication and the technology we use on a daily basis to adapt and connect as human beings.

Since 1992, our turnover, our workforce and our global presence have grown considerably. However, our main focus has remained the same: the production of parts and components for mobility solutions.

We are part of an industry where attention is paid to the smallest detail, a profession that demands perfect results. That is why we are constantly working to learn, create and innovate processes, to grow and be better every day.

Each of our factories has a reason, a place and a why. But our cornerstone is all those people who help us to evolve every day. And this is the value that sets us apart.

The world is moving fast and the automotive industry is not only keeping pace with it, but sometimes leading it. This trend will provide us with a future full of new opportunities, especially considering our track record in recent years.

We are aware of our commitment to people, but also to society as a whole and to our environment. We have many years ahead of us to create a better future for all and we want to make you part of this transformation.

Teknia is much more than a mobility partner. It is its factories, its machines, its workers, its customers.... A collection of everything that envelops it and allows it to manufacture parts that get people moving. And most important of all, we remain a family that is constantly growing.