Teknia Brasil: an improvement plan based on the relationship with our key stakeholders

The Challenge

Since 1999, we have been operating in Jacareí, Sao Paulo, working with major automotive customers such as Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan, Stellantis, Faurécia e SMP. In 2020, we set up an action plan aimed at operational process improvements aiming to increase the plant’s efficiency

Plan of action

  • Increased resources: through an emergency preventive maintenance plan for the equipment, as well as hiring more maintenance resources.
  • Teamwork optimisation: we conduct daily kick-off meetings, as well as quality meetings to evaluate and discuss action plans and follow-up.
  • Product quality and commitment to the customer: all employees are involved in the challenge of improving quality with workshops to standardise the means of production, standardise the set-up of machinery and reduce lead times
  • Purchases control and traceability: we set up a systematic cost analysis, carried out comparative work and price analysis and organised annual meetings with our suppliers with the aim of establishing a relationship based on a collaborative approach.
  • Product analysis: we established an engineering room to analyse the requirements of the state production processes, as well as the products available on the market and those manufactured by competitors.
  • Promoting the relationship with our stakeholders: we took part in the Economic Development Forum in the city of Jacareí, together with the city council, educational institutes, industries and services. Furthermore, we entered into an agreement with the local Tremembé prison to support the social reintegration of prisoners by offering them a job during their daytime release in the last months of their prison sentence.

Impact Generation

We succeeded in making our stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers and the society – more aware of the company and this contributed to an improved perception and pride of corporate ownership and belonging. All these initiatives helped to generate a very positive environment resulting in a reduction in quality complaints, improved productivity and increased the visibility of our positive impact.

Key Impact Indicators

  • Projected increase in net sales/ EBITIDA FC at 40% within 4 years.
  • Achievement of VW Logistic Performance LEVEL-A rating. Volkswagen’s top-tier rating in logistics performance.

“Simple, but continuous improvement. One simple improvement each day.”

Jorge Lima
BU Manager
Teknia Brazil