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Who we are

Teknia is a multinational Group of automotive components very focused on improve safety of vehicles. 

The company manufactures metal and plastic components through a wide variety of technologies that include machining, stamping, tube forming or aluminum injection, among others. Teknia clients are the main automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Teknia is a Spanish business group dedicated to the manufacture of components for the automotive industry, which operate both nationally and internationally through various companies, mostly from equity of the company.


Values of the company

Teknia’s values have always been, and will continue to be built on the values of the people that work within the Group every day. 

Our human resources team has been selecting and developing our employee’s talent based on four core values:

    1) Ethical behaviour
    2) Profit-oriented
    3) Customer-oriented
    4) Common sense

The constant promotion through our organization of these four main values, have made it possible for them to be fully recognized within the group of companies. 

Teknia feels very much concerned about sustainability in its wider sense as a capacity to preserve the future with a balance between the environment and responsible use of natural resources. As a proof of our commitment we promote some new globally highlighted initiatives and include them in our business, such as Conventions and Recommendations established by the International Labour Organization:


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