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    Driving Comfort

Driving comfort includes the suspension, steering, and drivetrain systems that make possible to drive, turn and stop a vehicle. These three areas are the backbone of each vehicle, which is why Teknia can say it plays an important part in the manufacturing of the core components for current and future cars.

Being crucial in all types of vehicles, these parts will remain essential in the future, for both electrified solutions and autonomous cars. Teknia has great potential in this category of products thanks to its multi-technological offer, as the company can provide solutions in different technologies such as tube forming, stamping, bar turning or aluminium in several geographies both in Europe and in Amer-ica, adjusting to market trends.

Teknia is currently manufacturing two key steering products: Servo Housing and Gear Box. These two components are produced at several locations and Teknia is working on reaching new custom-ers. Regarding suspension, Teknia manufactures Spring seats, Lower brackets and Top mount. Those are parts of the shock absorber and are components for suspension assembly.

When it comes to Drivetrain, the Group manufactures two key products: Transmission Tube, pro-duced with our in-house designed and constructed transfer line, and assembly Gear shift.

Thinking about the future, one of the potential changes in steering could involve steering-by-wire with its light-weighting and packaging flexibility, which is a solution Teknia is investigating. It allows to iso-late direct vibration from the road. It permits a variable Gear ratio between hand wheel and road wheel, and is very compatible with Electrification & autonomous car.

About Drivetrain, one of the products with a huge potential is the SBW housing that will have very good synergies with autonomous cars. The future of the suspension could also involve Camera-linked active suspension or Electronic Suspension System. The main advantage is the reduction of wheel load fluctuations.