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Electronic components support the electricity in the car as well as protect other components such as covers, channels or housings for not getting damaged. Lighting components, designed to support the functionality of lights and aesthetic interior design of the car, are also included in this category, and play an important role in vehicle safety.

Lighting components have a functional and aesthetic role in a car, and are becoming more and more important. In the Interior design of the car the lighting has become more significant. Cars are equipped with different kind of colors for the lighting to secure comfort, functionality, and safety of the individuals.

Teknia is an experienced supplier of manufacturing lighting components with different plastic raw materials such as PP, PA6, PMMA, PC, PBT, PC + ABS. The range encompasses transparent light guides and collimators, head light housings, lighting brackets, assembled lighting parts, rear lighting bulbholder, bezels for lighting, metallized lighting parts and transparent lighting filters.

The Group produces cable brackets for lighting out of carbon steel. There is an increase in demand when of cable brackets and cable channels. Teknia is a well-known expert in producing connectors, inserts out of the raw material in steel, brass, and aluminium. Also, it manufactures head up display brackets, electronic motor housing and covers, central processing unit box.

Electronics in a car have increased due to autonomous driving, electrical vehicles, and infotainment. The growing digitization of light with the new ways people interact with vehicles, has given rise to inno-vative applications for vehicle exteriors. The digitization of information, combined with LED technolo-gy advances, driver modules, and optical materials for automotive exterior lighting, has created op-portunity for many new applications.

It is important to keep up with the new technologies when it comes to this area. Teknia is approach-ing a new age in which multifunctional, intelligent headlamps will illuminate the road, while communi-cating with the surrounding environment at the same time. Digital lighting can also be used for projec-tion purposes with decorative functions.