• 2 1 New Mobility


Teknia is adapting to the needs of new mobility and the Group aims to increase its product portfolio on electrification, improving its competitiveness to meet the challenges of new mobility.

The future of mobility will be electric by all means. Teknia has capabilities to support this technologi-cal change with its specialized technologies including machining, aluminum HPDC, stamping, tube forming and plastic injection.

With its know-how and expertise, all these technologies will be useful in the next decades. Teknia is prepared to offer its solution as a multi technological partner, a very valuable ability in the new mobility scenario.

Teknia is positioned as a multi-technological partner and a key manufacturing supplier for mobility, due to the number of technologies included in its portfolio. This makes the group able to manufac-ture new products and incorporate different designs and formats.

The multi-technological approach allows Teknia to offer complete solutions, with several compo-nents of the systems. Some parts where Teknia can contribute decisively with its technologies are inverters and converters, chargers, batteries, and a wide variety of other parts necessary for elec-tricity to be used as propulsion system in vehicles. For example, in the case of an inverter, Teknia can provide components such as the top cover with stamping, the housing in aluminum HPDC and the funnels in tube-forming technology.