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    Plastic Injection

Plastic injection is a transformation process that starts with a melting process, at more than 200 celsius degrees, turning the plastic fluid. The fluid is injected in a tool with the shape of the part which is to be produced. When the tool is totally filled, the fluid plastic is cooled till solidification, giving the part its final form.

Teknia works with the usual plastic materials on the market like polipropilene (PP), poliamides (PA6, PA66), Acetalic resisns (POM), Policarbonate (PC), ABS, TPE, etc, including all the different variants due to additive inclusion like glass fiber, Talc, minerals, etc.

Plastic injection technology allows to perform many post-injection process like painting, decorating, and welding. All these capabilities are available at Teknia, a company with the ability to perform different specialized processes and to integrate different materials as a multi-technological supplier for the mobility industry.

Teknia is focused on continuous improvement. Regarding Plastic Injection, the Group is looking for shorter working cycles, lower machine sizes, and energy saving processes, not only to lower costs, but to ensure process definition is sustainable among the time.


Plastic Injection: a preferred cost-effective technology in Automotive industry

Plastic Injection is a preferred technology in automotive industry. When product requirements allow the injection usage, manufacturing process will be much more simple, quicker and cheaper than other metal-based technologies. That is why plastic injection is very extended in the industry and Teknia’s deep understanding of this technology.

This process is a very extended technology due to cost-efficiency, high versatility and complicated product designs allowance. Global suppliers as Teknia are demanded by OEMs and TIER-1 clients in the industry with global capabilities, standardization, and know-how to solve our customers’ requirements. Teknia has global reach and capabilities to offer high-standard products in all the areas where the company is present.